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Environmental Substance Abuse Prevention

istock_000004281661xsmall1_230x153Environmental Substance Abuse Prevention (ESAP)
The ESAP Program strives to create communities that promote healthy behaviors and attitudes, and reduce high-risk behaviors in youth associated with substance abuse.
ESAP Goals
  • Youth/students reported ATOD's were harder to obtain.
  • Decreased ATOD advertising in the community especially at locations near schools, community (family) events around where children gather.
  • Increased parents adopting home policies to prevent ATOD access and publicly committing to such policies.
  • Increased law enforcement or civilian alcohol and tobacco sale compliance checks.
  • Increased citations/enforcement of minor's in possession.
  • Event organizers deciding not to accept alcohol sponsorship of a community based event.
  • Increased recognitions and incentives to retailers who pass compliance checks.
  • Decrease the number of adults and older youth providing ATOD's to minors.
  • Retailers increased age/identification checks and reduced tobacco and alcohol sale to minors.
ESAP Communities
  • Carrollton
  • Freeland
  • West Side City of Saginaw
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