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For The Guys

boys-tabJust one of the guys

Hmmmmm. Just one of the guys? What does that mean really? What type of guy is that?


Is that the guy who:

  • Gets drunk because all of his friends are doing it and it is viewed as “normal”
  • Smokes marijuana to get “high” because it makes him feel good or relaxes him?
  • Smokes cigarettes because all his friends are doing it.
  • Chooses to drink because "it is no big deal?"
  • Makes it easier to "get with a girl?"
  • Takes the edge off of stressful situations
  • Your friends think you are funny even a little “crazy” when you drink and you get a lot of attention?

Would you agree that every action has a re-action? If that is true….let’s look at the consequences of making some choices/actions…..

Gets drunk because all of his friends are doing it and it is viewed as “no big deal”

  • Is it really "no big deal?" Think about it….You risk getting caught drinking alcohol and getting an MIP (Minor In Possession) That stays on your juvenile record until you are 18 years old!
  • If you are 18 and over, the MIP will become a part of your permanent record and could blow your chances of getting into a good college, college scholarships or landing a good job.
  • How about dating that “girl of your dreams” do you think she would want to date someone with a record?

Smokes marijuana to get “high” because it makes you feel good

  • Makes you feel good huh? I don’t think so. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise is going to make you feel awesome!
  • Your brain releases endorphins that give you that natural high without the nasty side effects.
  • You feel great when you get finished exercising. Plus a lot of the girls you want to impress will think “it’s hot.”
  • Most girls want to date a guy that has “got it together” You know the whole package.
  • A guy that is smart, good looking, goal oriented, respectful, funny, confident and honest.

I have never heard a Girl say, “Wow, look at that guy, he is such a loser…I want to date him!”

Smokes cigarettes because it "is no big deal."

  • Really it is no big deal? I don’t think so. Your breath is going to stink, your clothes will smell bad and your teeth will discolor. Not to mention all of the health risks you are taking.
  • It is not like you can just go to the store and exchange your lungs for a new pair!

How To Say "NO!"

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How to say no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco


Play it off and be funny, it won’t be what they expect you to say. Then walk away. Here are some ideas:

  • “Man, you know how crazy I am normally, if I drank alcohol it could get really ugly.”
  • “I have a hard time making good decisions without drinking, I start drinking and nothing good is going to come of that.”
  • “I saw a show last week about this kid who got wasted and then passed out. He never woke back up, his friends just thought he was sleeping…Man he was dead!” No thanks. I got too much living to do. Too many good looking girls whose hearts would be broken if I wasn’t in this world…"

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